Application Of Gas Spring In Monitor Mount

November 01,2021

Now, the desktop monitor mount is not limited to supporting the display. It can also move the display screen to any direction and height we want.


monitor mount


The ergonomic monitor mount is based on the design of air spring, so that you can move the display screen to any direction and height you want. This mount can bring you a higher level of monitor experience, that is, on the basis of the function of the ordinary cantilever display frame, another feature is added - the height of the monitor can be adjusted by touching it gently. Let you experience the best viewing position of ecological interface design.


Add the design of air spring force, and you can freely hover over your monitor according to the different weight of your monitor. Ergonomic monitor mount is a wall mount specially developed for inconvenient installation on the table, which meets your different installation methods.


This is a perfect office or home entertainment equipment. With an arm swing of more than 180° and a 360° horizontal rotation angle, you can share the required information with your colleagues.


Ergonomic monitor mount is a surface treatment method of chrome plating after aluminum alloy polishing, which is more luxurious, atmospheric and high-grade. It is one of the office supporting products with ultra-high cost performance. At the same time, the integrated wire management system makes the desktop look more beautiful and tidy.


Characteristics of ergonomic monitor mount


  1. Significant desktop space savings. This is one of the most important advantages of this kind of monitor mount. Especially for dual display users, imagine that when there is no bulky display base on the desktop, a large area can be added in an instant to put... Those messy and useless things.


  1. The monitorcan be placed horizontally or vertically. This is a great advantage for programmers or designers who often need to place a screen vertically.


  1. The elasticity of the support joint is adjustable. For different users, when the weight of the monitoris different, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of each joint and air spring arm to ensure that the monitor can "hover" at the required position.


  1. The installation process is simple and easy to operate.


  1. It cannot pan. This mounthas no translational degrees of freedom. Although most of the time, the monitor can always be adjusted to the required position by rotating each joint, because the front, back, left and right cannot be translated, the support can not cover all the positions and angles on the desktop after all.


  1. It is slightly heavy. Due to the materials (steel and plastic), this support weighs a lot (official standard weight 2.6kg). However, this will only cause some inconvenience during the installation process. Once the installation is completed, the user will not have any perception of the product weight during use.


  1. The workmanship level needs to be improved. This product has been done quite well on the whole, but in the details, such as plastic edge treatment, the workmanship level still needs to be improved. However, considering the price and positioning of the product, this does not seem to be necessary.


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