Everything You Should Know about Swivel 4 Monitor Arm Design

October 29,2021

People who use computers often have more or less cervical problems. The reason for this situation is largely due to the unreasonable height of the monitor. We need to lower our heads slightly to find a comfortable viewing angle when facing the computer. In the long run, various discomforts will naturally occur. You can try to having a swivel 4 Monitor Arm design, it can not only protect our cervical spine health, but also save more desktop space, this blog let's mainly discuss it!


swivel 4 Monitor Arm design


Why do more and more people buying monitor arm design?


The monitor stand is mainly composed of four parts: an upper support arm, a lower support arm, a display connector and a desktop fixture. When using the monitor stand, you can adjust the position, angle, front and rear pitch, and horizontal and vertical screen adjustments of the monitor according to your needs through the three-axis adjustment function.


This adjustment helps to relieve fatigue when using the computer for a long time, can help users improve sitting posture, improve the comfort of the cervical spine, and protect the eyes.


In addition, it can save desktop space and make the overall desktop look neat, comfortable and beautiful. All in all, for people who often use computers, they will enjoy it very much after installing the monitor stand.


The core components of the monitor arm design


At present, the monitor brackets on the market mainly adopt the two principles of pneumatic and mechanical. The operation of the pneumatic bracket is very stable and smooth, but the service life is relatively short. Generally, it can only be used for 3-5 years. Beyond this time, the internal sealing of the gas spring will get worse and worse, and finally it will completely lose its support.


The mechanical principle is different. Because the internal mechanical spring is used, there will be no problems of poor sealing and pressure relief. Generally, the service life is relatively long, and most mechanical supports can be used for more than 5 years. However, the shortcomings of the mechanical bracket are also obvious, there will be obvious resistance during the adjustment process, and the smoothness is not high. The choice of the two can be based on your own preferences.


How to choose a monitor arm design?


📌Determine the number of support arms


The monitor stand can be divided into single stand arm, double stand arm and multi stand arm. Generally, there is only one monitor or two monitors in the home, so most people buy single stand arm and double stand arm. If you have special needs, for example, you need to look at the trend chart for stocks, it is even more recommended to buy a swivel 4 Monitor Arm design.


📌Determine monitor size and weight


Before buying, you must first understand the size and weight of your monitor. Different monitor supports have different adaptability to the size and weight of the monitor. If it is a cheap stand, there is no way to support the size and weight of a large display, and it is prone to problems during use.


📌Display VESA hole position


There are VESA holes on the back of conventional monitors, some of which need to be removed to see the original bracket, and a small number of them are blocked by the cover and need to be removed. VESA holes have international standards, the standard size is 75*75 or 100*100, so don’t worry about inconsistencies.


There are also very few monitors that do not have VESA holes. In this case, only X-type conversion accessories can be purchased separately to solve the problem of inability to install.


📌Installation method


There are three ways to install the monitor stand, namely: desk clip, perforated and wall-mounted. The first two are more commonly used. One is to fix the edge of the tabletop with a clamp, and the other is to have a pre-set hole on the tabletop in advance, or the tabletop is installed after punching holes.


As for the wall-mounted bracket, this kind of wall needs to be punched, so the usage rate is relatively small. Which installation method to choose depends on the actual situation.


📌Desktop thickness


After choosing the monitor bracket installation method, you also need to measure the thickness of your desktop. The support range of the monitor bracket fixture is limited, and the common range is really 1-10cm. If it is out of range, you can only think of other ways. For more particulars, you can contact us, we are glad service for you.


Certainly, other questions, such as your doubts about installing, purchasing and selecting, welcome to contact us at any time. The above content we have introduced swivel 4 Monitor Arm design in detail, hopefully, it can give you some inspiration.