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July 21,2021

Thanks to the world’s two great inventions-cables and networks, we live in an interconnected world. Among them, in the reception of our information, the composite long rod insulator has a very big credit. As a stainless floating TV stand supply wholesale factory, we are glad to share these important information for you.


In addition to providing entertainment for everyone, TV also plays a certain role in display at work. They are usually placed on a TV stand with a certain function.


stainless floating TV stand supply wholesale factory


The role of TV stand

Its main function is to make the TV more stable on the wall, which makes it more convenient for you to watch yoga programs, and wear fitness yoga socks to study without getting tired, even if your dog radic dog cooling vest interferes with you. The appearance of the TV stand has been welcomed by many people, so the sales volume on the market is also very large. Such a humble TV rack actually plays a very important role, so what types of TV racks are there?




Fixed rack

This is the earliest TV hanger style. After choosing the TV hang position, install the TV shelf on the wall, and then fix the TV on the hanger. It allows the TV to be firmly fixed on the wall, and the installation safety is also very simple.


Elevation bracket

The elevation angle hanger does not hang the TV upright, but a slight downward angle to provide a better viewing effect. This kind of TV stand is very suitable for use in the bedroom, and the angle position of watching TV while lying on the bed is just right.


Floor trolley rack

If you don't want to damage the wall, you can choose to use a floor-to-ceiling trolley TV stand. It is a movable platform for placing TV sets, and it also combines the functions of a TV cabinet, which is both practical and convenient. Mobile styles are more popular now, you can find them on our website, they are very easy to get. New customized design wooden mobile TV stand ideas are popular now both for family and working office, they are in different style.They can completely match your big photo frame made of 60x30 aluminum profile.


customized design wooden mobile TV stand ideas provider


Swing arm hanger

We all know that the best viewing angle of the LCD screen is only one position, sitting in other positions will make the screen dim and unclear. The design of the swing arm hanger is to use the remote control to control the position of the TV hanging, moving back and forth, turning left and right is not a problem. We no longer need to pay attention to TV, but let the TV follow us, which is more high-tech.


TV hanger

The TV hanger can place the wall-mounted TV in a relatively high position, allowing more people to see the TV, and is suitable for use in public places such as railway stations, canteens, and shopping malls.


What is the best height to install the TV


1. Before we determine the location of the punch hole, we must choose according to actual needs. If the TV is installed in the living room, the height from the ground should be about 1.3 meters, and it is best to be in the center of the entire TV background wall. When we sit on the sofa and watch TV, we can find a balance and bring better visual effects.


If the installation is unreasonable, it may cause visual fatigue when watching TV, which will affect our feeling of watching TV.

2. Also pay attention to the distance between the TV and the TV. This should be determined according to the size of the house and has a direct relationship with the size of the TV. If the TV you choose reaches 50 inches, which is relatively large, the distance between them should reach about 3.5 meters. If the TV is relatively small, such as 42 inches, you can choose about 3 meters.


How to install the TV shelf


1. First of all, we need to prepare the hanger, which is generally composed of two parts, one is the beam, and the other is the back frame on the TV. You need to prepare the screws for fixing.


2. Next, we need to determine the height of the installation. We can make a mark on the wall, and then determine the hanging position according to the height, and then prepare the electric drill to drill the wall.


3. After that, you need to fix the expansion screws on the wall, and then hang the hanger. After putting the TV on, tighten it with screws. At the same time, you need to connect the power cord, video cable, audio cable, etc. of the TV one by one, and finally plug in the power to debug it to see if it can be used normally.


TV stand


Where to buy the shelf for the TV


Normally, you can buy TV shelves in many places: TV specialty stores, online purchases, and some stores selling electrical accessories. The hanger must be selected carefully, it is best to be strong and durable.


Whether the TV is installed or not depends on whether the shelf for the TV is installed. Therefore, when choosing a TV stand, you must not be sloppy, nor should you choose a lower-quality TV stand. You should choose the style that is most suitable for the installation environment and the strongest and durable material to avoid accidents when the TV falls.


We are a stainless floating TV stand supply wholesale factory, we suggest that if you want to live in a convenient way and work efficiently, do not miss the mobile TV stand.


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