Five Steps In The Construction Of Family Audio-visual Room

November 10,2021

Many friends would like to design a dedicated independent audio-visual room at home. They suffer from lack of professional theoretical knowledge to pave the way. The pile of audio-visual equipment that was picked up by forum posts alone would be a waste. The fact is also true. With the improvement of the current economic level, more and more families have begun to plan audio-visual rooms. Today, I will introduce the steps for constructing a home audio-visual room.


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Step 1: determine the budget


Although the home theater is used to meet the spiritual and cultural needs, it is essentially a consumption, and you still have to pay in money. Since it is consumption, it is necessary to plan the budget. How much does a home theater cost? In fact, just like decoration, the answer is really different for every family. Therefore, we can only say a rough range. Professional home theater refers to the use of 1080p resolution home projector, power amplifier, passive home theater special speaker, plus HD player. Generally speaking, it starts from up to 20000 yuan, up to 50000 yuan, 100000 yuan, 150000 yuan and 200000 yuan.


Step 2: select a room


With money, you have to have a room. In most cases, most home cinemas will choose to set up in the living room, because after all, the function of the living room is similar to that of the home theater, and the superposition will not be particularly abrupt. Of course, if there are many rooms, you can also choose a separate room as a home theater. Although it sounds great to lie down and watch a movie, not many people actually choose to make a home theater in the bedroom.


Step 3: determine the number of channels and bury the line


The most important part of the home theater is the speaker. The surround effect brought by multi-channel is also the main charm of the professional home theater. Clear dialogue, bullets shuttling left and right, and fighter jets roaring overhead can be felt in the professional home theater.


Since it is multi-channel surround, there is a problem. How many channels is it! At present, the 5.1 channel is the most basic configuration of the home theater. Here we explain the meaning of 5.1. “5” means that there are 5 channels. "1" represents the number of subwoofers. 7.1 adds two channels of surround sound behind 5.1 to make the sound surround more complete.


At present, the panoramic sound that can be realized in the family is mainly 5.1.2 and 5.1.4, 7.1.2 and 7.1.4.


Step 4: determine the projection distance and picture size


Finish the sound and look at the big picture. Because of the working principle of the projector, there needs to be a distance between the lens and the screen, which is called the projection distance. Because of different lens parameters, the projection distance of each projector is different. For example, if it is also 3 meters, some machines can throw 100 inches, and some may not.


Determining the projection distance is very important, and it also determines where your projector is installed (usually lifted from the ceiling) and how long HDMI lines need to be buried in advance. The parameter table of each projector will have a projection distance and the size of the corresponding picture. If you need a 120 inch picture, you need to choose a projector that can achieve a 120 inch picture within the range of projection distance you can choose.


Another situation is that your room is very narrow, or the installation conditions are limited, or the house type is relatively different. There is really not enough distance to place the projector, but you want to enjoy the big picture. In this case, we need to purchase a short focus projector. The projection distance of this machine is very short. It can be placed on the TV cabinet. However, the edge distortion of the short focus machine will increase, and the machine selection surface will be less than that of the conventional model. At present, there are some products called laser TV, which are essentially ultrashort focus projectors with laser light source. If the space or installation conditions are limited and can bear high cost, this model is also a good choice.


Step 5: purchase equipment


After the above basic work is fully prepared, you can buy speakers, power amplifiers, players, projectors, wires, screens and other equipment to install. It should be noted here that the budget for purchasing equipment is only a reference. When determining the scheme, many users often choose to modify the budget. When the consumption power can be guaranteed, someone will appropriately increase the budget to obtain a better use feeling.


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