How computer mainframe hanger bring you convenience

July 22,2021

The computers used by many companies are generally placed on the ground, and some put them on a sliding computer mainframe hanger in order to better clean the ground. Besides, is there a better way?


The host computer contains a large number of parts and memory devices, which looks heavy and awkward, so many people will habitually put the host computer on the ground when using the computer, which not only does not allow the host computer to take up too much space, but also Conducive to the heat dissipation of the host, so where should the computer mainframe be placed?


computer mainframe hanger


How computer mainframe hanger bring you convenience


Traditiaonal mainframe shelf


1. If the ground is wet, it should not be placed underneath. If the device interface on the main unit is in the front or the back, it is very inconvenient to put it under the table. Although they are placed on the shelf of the mainframe, they are still inconvenient to clean.


2. If there is a lot of soil on the ground, it is not suitable for placing under the table. If none of the above problems exist, it depends on where you like it. As for the radiation problem, you don't need to consider it, after all, it is minimal, and there is radiation everywhere.

3. As with the two methods mentioned above, there is a better method, which is to choose a computer mainframe hanger that can be suspended. It can be easily cleaned up without taking up space on the ground. It is also a kind of computer mainframe, but it is very different from ordinary ones. Look at the below picture.


computer mainframe hanger-1.106.jpg


As you know the traditional one that occupy your large floor space, now try a computer mainframe hanger to change it, make yourself comfortable when you are sitting in fornt of computer.


The suspended main frame can be set according to your convenient position. The frame can be fixed on the wall space, table bottom and table side, etc., suitable for all kinds of computer mainframes.


computer mainframe hanger details


They have the following advantages


  • Thick material, beautiful and durable
  • Easy to adjust and fix
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Strong stability


Because it's dangling, you can spread a small blanket underneath and wear an pair of athletic socks to work.

In addition, please make sure your wires are anti-termite cables to prevent them from being damaged and affecting the office.


Does the computer mainframe have radiation?


1. The host also has radiation. The chip in each computer oscillates at a different frequency. When the memory bar is working, it also has a natural vibration frequency.


2. These electromagnetic vibrations of different frequencies spread outward and form computer radiation. The switching power supply of the host also produces a certain amount of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, which spreads through the air and directly affects people's health.


As an indispensable tool in our daily work and life, computers have occupied an increasingly important position in our lives. However, because electronic devices have the characteristics of radiation, they also have certain requirements for the environment in which they are located, so, When using the computer, you need to pay attention to the protection of the computer, and also need to protect the special people around the computer.


What are the materials of the host?


There are currently several materials, iron plate (steel plate), acrylic, aluminum plate, and plastic.

The low-end chassis are made of iron plate (steel), and some high-end ones are also made of steel plate, but the workmanship is very different, and the accessories are also different.


The aluminum case is in the mid-to-high-end category. Generally, the workmanship is good and the price is higher. When you choose the 50x100 aluminum profile in aluminum alloy, you can also make the computer mainframe hanger, but the groove is easy to accumulate dust.

Acrylic is mainly used for side penetration, high-end and low-end are used, but it is not the main material.


Plastics are generally used as chassis components and will not be used as the main material.


But the chassis generally has more than one material. Generally speaking, aluminum chassis is better, but steel, plastic, and acrylic materials are also used. The thickness of materials, workmanship, design, and configuration are the comprehensive manifestations of the value of the chassis.


If you want enough space under your desk and easy to clean up, it is imperative to choose a computer mainframe hanger that can be easily disassembled and suspended. Devpratech focuses on providing product design, solutions and services in professional audio-visual markets such as office, home, education, etc. Any interests, welcome to contact us.