How to Choose Monitor Desk Mount?

January 20,2022

A good stand can save a lot of desktop space and make the monitor more convenient to use. Today, we will explain how to choose a suitable monitor mount. Let’s have a look together

Monitor desk mounts

Product performance


The performance of the display bracket mainly depends on the rotation angle. First, it depends on whether the display can rotate freely, whether it can provide the angle presented by looking down or looking up, and then it depends on the rotation angle of the bracket arm around the bracket pillar and the stretching distance of the bracket cantilever. Finally, look at the effect of fine-tuning of the display bracket. The center of gravity of individual displays may not be in the center of the screen, so it may topple at one side during installation. Fine tuning ensures that the screen does not tilt.


Product materials


Now most of the support products on the market are made of aluminum alloy or cast iron, which is firm and durable. If long-term use is considered, it should be noted that metals will be deformed. Some metals can be restored to their original state after deformation, while others will be damaged forever. And the price needed to be taken into consideration. The products made of cast iron are cheap, while those made of aluminum alloy are relatively expensive.


Appearance of the product


The appearance of the display bracket is also one of the factors affecting the purchase. If the appearance of the display bracket is beautiful and the spatial structure is reasonable, it can not only meet the practical requirements of users, but also be a product worthy of users' collection. Therefore, in the appearance selection, we should pay attention to whether the surface of the product is smooth, whether the bite of the contact point is complete, whether the wiring is hidden, whether the design is beautiful, etc.