How to Protect the Wooden TV Stand from Insects

May 06,2022

Many people buy some wooden furniture at home for natural effect, such as wooden TV stand, so, do you know how to prevent insects? This blog will give you some help.


How to prevent insects for wooden furniture?


TV stand


✅clean wash and dry


Sunny day will be solid wood furniture in the sunrise, with a brush or cotton yarn dipped in diesel will be painted all over the wooden cabinet. Sun for two or three hours and then coated 1 time, then sun.


✅paint painting


Solid wood furniture with raw tung oil, wormwood paint or varnish and other paints, brush the surface of the wooden cabinet, so that moths and air isolation, to achieve the purpose of moth prevention. It is important to note that when painting, the front and back and the inside of the wooden cabinet should be painted evenly.


✅concentrated salt water


In order to prevent solid wood furniture from being moth-eaten, the surface can be coated with concentrated brine several times, can have anti-moth effect.


✅camphor balls


Take camphor oil from cotton and make camphor cotton pellets, place them in pianos, wooden furniture, closets, and flowing tables, which can repel cockroaches and prevent moths.


✅Chili pepper


Use the appropriate amount of sharp chili pepper or pepper, crushed into the end, plugged into the moth hole, and flush with boiling water, has the effect of killing insects, can prevent the spread of insects.


To sum up


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