Is A Desk Monitor Mount Worth It?

October 27,2021

Work takes up a lot of time, and people rarely spend time on sports to free themselves from work. Therefore, in order to reduce the fatigue of work, people who spend a day with the computer need a monitor stand to let their body stretch better. In the Internet age, employees’ computers should be equipped with desk monitor mounts.


durable desk monitor mount


The structure of the monitor mount

The monitor stand is mainly composed of a cantilever, the "cantilever", that is, it can be stretched freely, just like an arm without restriction. Moreover, it is made of aluminum alloy or carbon steel material, fixed diagonally and firmly, and there are protective devices on all sides of the diagonal clamps. This protective device protects the computer without opening the clamp.


Classification of desk monitor mount

The monitor stand can be divided into single-screen stand, dual-screen stand and multi-screen stand according to the number of stand arms.


According to the installation method, it is divided into four types: table clamp type, keyhole type, wall-mounted type and table-mounted type.


Table clamp type: clamp the base of the stand and the edge of the tabletop to play a fixed role.


Perforation type: Punch holes on the table top to lock the bracket and the bottom plate of the table top.


Wall-mounted: Installed on the wall or solid wood wall, and does not occupy desktop space. LCD TVs at home use this kind of brackets.


Table-mounted: Just like the original stand, it is placed directly on the desktop, except that there is a separate design stand arm to adjust the angle and rotate the screen.


durable desk monitor mount


Is a desk monitor mount worth it?

Yes, I will give you a list of the benefits of investing in it. In fact, when you choose on any shopping site, the product details page will list it for you, and they almost have a lot in common. But there are only two things that are really useful:


Freeing up the space at the bottom of the display

With the monitor stand, the most practical benefit of the release of the bottom space is that it is easier to clean the desktop, and there is more storage space, such as placing some tablets or notebooks; in addition, it allows you to keep better visual experience


A better visual experience, a neat desktop can bring you a better mood. In this stressful and fast-paced society, when we choose to sit in front of the computer and prepare for work or entertainment, our mood will be relieved when we first look at it, which may be over time. This kind of feeling will gradually not feel big, but it actually exists all the time, and it silently affects your mood, which is probably the first productive force. When you are in a happy mood, your work efficiency will be greatly improved. When you are in a down and melancholy mood, you may create better works, but the premise of all this is that your mood cannot be irritable.

Get the best state of vision

More convenient rotation, horizontal screen and vertical screen, zoom in and out, all of this is easier and more convenient to achieve, which makes people have the best sight area to relax, so as to relieve eye and neck fatigue, which will also greatly improve Staff productivity. I believe that both individuals and companies enjoy the results of high efficiency.


If your cervical spine and shoulders start to suggest soreness after working for a long time, you can consider a customized durable desk monitor mount instead of the monitor that has been fixed in front of you.


customized durable desk monitor mount