Swivel Monitor Arm Buying Guide

November 10,2021

People who use computers to work every day have fatigue, pain, stiffness and even injuries in their body parts. But swivel monitor arm can help us relieve shoulder and neck fatigue well. With the popularization of people's understanding of monitor arm, more and more people are starting to add swivel monitor arm to the list of necessary work and study.


There are many types of monitor brackets. Today this article will mainly introduce a new type of monitor arm--swivel monitor arm.


The Functions of the Swivel Monitor Arm


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  1. It can be used for extended display.


The swivel monitor arm purchased by many users does not support rotation, so even dual-screen display applications can only be used horizontally and cannot be used vertically, but through the connection of this swivel monitor arm, multiple modes can be performed Use of splicing.


  1. It can adjust the pitch angle without destroying the aligned screen orientation.


Since our swivel monitor arm can adjust the tilt angle of the screen at the support end, the user can adjust the angle without destroying the aligned frame.


  1. It can realize the rotation of the overall direction of the display, which is very convenient.


As mentioned above, by using our swivel monitor arm, users can rotate the spliced monitor on the desktop. There is no need to adjust the angle of each product one by one.


  1. Swivel monitor arm can be moved up and down at will, which can free up more office space, beautify the office environment and improve office efficiency.


How to Choose a Suitable Swivel Monitor Arm


Here are some factors you need to consider before choosing a swivel monitor arm:


  • Compatibility


To begin, select a swivel monitor arm based upon the technology you have or will have. Guarantee your monitors are mountable. Some swivel monitor arms may not provide the right amount of adjustability for extra-large display screens if there's not nearly enough clearance below the display. If you're seeking multi-monitor arrangements, as well huge of a display might create the screens to not fit or strike each other.


  • Adjustable


A swivel monitor arm must have the ability to move up and also down quickly to fit your elevation. Your body can experience discomfort by sitting or standing at a work area that isn't made for you. The swivel monitor arm offers the capability to turn your display 90-degrees. Turning your display right into picture setting can assist you see a paper at full dimension or change up your process


  • High quality


A professional-grade swivel monitor arm will certainly ensure your screen is secure, protected, and in a comfy setting. It's all about keeping you and your modern technology safe. Top quality display arms experience rigorous testing to mimic use over a long period of time.


In short, although there are many types and styles of monitor arm, you must choose according to your actual needs. If you are looking for a reliable customized swivel 4 monitor arm exporter, we will be your best choice. Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.