The Origin of White Valentine's Day

March 14,2022

As we all know, February 14 is Western Valentine's day every year, but do you know that March 14 is White Valentine's Day? Today, let's talk about the origin of White Valentine's day.


White Valentine's Day


One theory holds that white valentine's Day originated in Rome in the third century. The Roman emperor set up Valentine's day to commemorate February 14, when he saved a couple who were to be executed for violating the ban on love and marriage.


On March 14, a month later, the rescued lovers swore that their relationship would last until death. In order to commemorate this day, they set it as White Valentine's Day. This festival began in Europe and spread to the rest of the world.


There is another saying about the origin of White Valentine's day. It is said that it was initiated by "Wansheng hall, Shimura", a dessert (fruit) manufacturer in bode District, Fukuoka City, Japan, to advocate that the party receiving the intention should return a gift to the other party as a means of promoting candy. The festival was first called "candy gift day".


Since 1980, it has been renamed "White Valentine's Day" because the granulated sugar used in candy is white.