What are the Precautions for TV Rack Installation?

May 20,2022

As a necessary household appliance, I believe everyone has their plans for its placement. Do you know how to choose the TV rack that can not be ignored during decoration? What are the precautions for TV rack installation?


TV rack


  1. To accurately locate the installation position of the flat-panel TV on the installation surface, the positioning accuracy must be guaranteed and the hanger part of the installation surface must be fixed.


  1. For ordinary flat-panel TVs, the heat dissipation grid is usually designed on the back or side back. Therefore, a ventilation and heat dissipation space is required on the back of the TV and the upper, lower, left and right sides. The distance between the wall-mounted TV and the wall shall be at least 15 cm.


  1. Since all kinds of TV interfaces are arranged on the back, all kinds of data lines cannot be bent too much against the wall, otherwise it is easy to be damaged.


  1. Be careful during installation. Handle the whole machine with care, and prepare bedding to prevent scratching the display screen.


  1. Install according to the requirements of the hanger installation manual and steps.


  1. If the display screen is connected with the speaker and mounting bracket, pay attention to distinguishing between left and right and positive and negative.


  1. If it is necessary to connect the speaker cable, pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the speaker cable to prevent the sound of the left and right channels from reversing.


  1. After the display screen is hung, it needs to be measured with a level ruler, and the hanger screw is adjusted to make the display screen completely in the horizontal position. The translation error of the whole machine installed on the flat panel TV should be less than 1cm, and the left and right inclination errors should be less than 1 degree.
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