Why Do More And More People Choose Monitor Mount?

October 30,2021

Nowadays, people sit in front of the computer for longer and longer. Game players often play all night, and there are many office workers who sit from daytime to early morning. If the angle of the monitor is not ideal, it is easy to see the screen for a long time to affect the cervical spine. In the long run, problems such as headache and shoulder and neck discomfort will slowly appear. Since there is no way to get rid of the screen, try to make the screen look more comfortable. For example, the monitor mount introduced today is a good choice.


metal monitor mount


Composition of monitor mount


The components of the monitor mount are composed of an upper support arm, a lower support arm, a monitor connector and a clamp of the desktop. The most important thing of the monitor mount is the cantilever, which means that the monitor mount can move freely and unrestricted like a human arm.


Material of monitor mount


Monitor mounts on the market are generally divided into the following three types:


Aluminum alloy: most monitor mounts in the market are made of aluminum alloy. The cost performance of aluminum alloy monitor mounts is relatively high, and the service life is also longer. Some enterprises even use zinc aluminum alloy. Zinc aluminum alloy has low melting point, small solidification temperature range, easy filling and molding, and small shrinkage tendency. It can die cast precision parts with complex shape and thin wall, with smooth casting surface and high dimensional accuracy; The pouring temperature is low, the service life is long, it is not easy to stick the mold and does not corrode, which greatly increases the service life of the support. Moreover, the mechanical properties of zinc aluminum alloy at room temperature are also high, especially the compressive and wear resistance are very good.


Carbon steel: the price of carbon steel monitor mount is relatively high, firm and durable, and its service life is longer than that of aluminum alloy monitor mount.


Plastic: the monitor mount made of plastic is the cheapest of the three materials, but its service life will be relatively short.


When selecting the monitor mount, it is recommended to choose carbon steel or aluminum alloy, because in this way, the cost performance will be much higher. Foshan Devpra Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is the professional customized metal Desk Monitor Mount exporter, any interests, plz feel free to contact us!


What is the difference between the monitor mount and the traditional monitor base?


Multi angle adjustment: the main difference between the monitor mount and the traditional base of the monitor is that the monitor mount can swing left and right to realize multi angle adjustment and achieve the purpose of adjusting the visual distance.


With protective device: the connecting part of the monitor mount is provided with a protective device, which can prevent the damage of the monitor mount and the accidental falling off of the mount, causing harm to people.


What conditions should a high-quality monitor mount have?


First of all, a high-quality monitor mount, whether it is multi arm or single arm, must have strong load-bearing capacity and can adapt to the weight of different types of mounts. Secondly, its adjustable height and angle range should be relatively wide to meet different use needs, and the adjustment sensitivity should be higher.


A monitor mount with these three conditions can be called a high-quality monitor mount.