Why We Need A Swivel Monitor Arm?

October 26,2021

With the advent of information era, working along with computers have almost become a new normal, especially among young people. But as a result of improper use caused by the "computer disease" also followed, which is the most common cervical spondylosis. It is mainly caused by improper use of the computer cervical spine muscle tension and strain, cervical disc and small joint regression. Therefore swivel monitor arm, also well known as computer stands are born.


swivel 4 monitor arm


Working Principle of swivel monitor arm

The monitor stand consists mainly of a cantilever, which, as the name suggests, can be stretched as freely as an arm. And the use of aluminum alloy or carbon steel material, diagonal buckle is fixed, and diagonal clamp four sides have a protective device, and the parts of the computer contact have this protection device to protect the computer, without opening the fixture can be turned directly.


Why use a swivel monitor arm 


It is very common for general office workers to use computers to work, but working for about 8-12 hours a day and sitting all day can easily make people feel tired and have the feeling of backache. Keeping this for a long time will have adverse effects on human health. If you choose a bracket, you can adjust it according to your desired height, or you can stand up and work directly when you are tired.


The installation of swivel monitor arm


Computer bracket according to the use and bracket style is different, installation methods are also different, but basically the same. Desktop installation and vehicle installation are described below.

The desktop bracket part has been basically installed before leaving the factory. Now we mainly explain the method of installing it on the desktop.

  1. Connect the base part with the metal sheet, and fix the base part with the gasket by screws;
  2. Then connecting the base part with the base of the main bracket part by screws, adjusting the screws to a proper position according to different thicknesses of the desktop, and fixing the whole body at the edge of the desktop;
  3. Connect the display with the bracket, and adjust the tightness of the connection according to the actual situation;
  4. At this point, the installation is completed. Remind everyone that the installation methods of different models of brackets will be different, so you must see the models clearly before installation.


Tips: if there are no hole on your back of computer, you can apply removable VESA mounting plates which can help connect your computer to the swivel monitor arm.


Specifications and characteristics of swivel monitor arm


Monitor mounting products could be divided into single arm, double arms, three arms, four arms and other specifications. Most of them are made of 1cd material, which is characterized by:

  1. Beautiful bracket design, the product conforms to ergonomics and is more comfortable to use.
  2. It can be adjusted freely, equipped with various accessories, and can be selected according to needs. The angle of the display screen can be adjusted at will to meet different visual needs. The height can be lifted and lowered by 20 cm and extended by 60 cm
  3. It belongs to high-quality alloy materials. It is made of high-grade alloy materials, which is strong and durable, and can move smoothly even if it bears weight.
  4. There are various installation methods for the display installation fixing frame, such as desktop keyhole and desktop clamping, which can be installed on desktop, wall and ceiling at will to meet different needs.


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