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October 20,2021

Manufacturers in the market are committed to manufacturing ergonomically adjustable products, which is one of Monitor Arm design ideas took into consideration. As one of the main design ideas, I will focus on why we need an adjustable Monitor Arm.


customized wholesale Adjustable Monitor Arm design ideas


Why the fixed monitor makes us (most people) uncomfortable

When you look at the monitor, there are two things that affect your field of vision-the height of the seated line of sight and the distance from the monitor. The seated sight height difference of North American adults is as high as 280mm (strictly speaking, it refers to the seated sight height difference from 5% of women to 95% of men). This means that the monitors with limited adjustment functions (usually moving up and down a few centimeters or turning a few degrees) on the commonly used standard desks are only suitable for a few people, and not suitable for most people. For some people, It may be 280mm short.


The sitting-stand switching dual-purpose furniture also adds another variable, because when you stand up, your spine will naturally reorient. In other words, when you are standing, the distance between your shoulders and hips is different from when you are sitting, which also affects the position of the monitor. Researchers have found that people want the display to be about 50mm higher when standing than when sitting (relative to the work surface)


Personal preference is also a factor in determining the height of the display. We know that for most people, the best visual height is slightly lower than the height of the eyes. It is a natural habit to stare down slightly at the screen, usually with the straight line between the top of the ear and the eye. People who wear progressive glasses like to adjust the display to a height slightly lower than that commonly used by people who don't wear the glasses.


When the fixed monitor cannot be adjusted to fit our field of vision, it may cause neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and headaches. Ergonomics experts encourage people to use different input devices (touch screen, keyboard, mouse) throughout the work day, because this change reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries. In order to be compatible with the touch screen function, the display must have a huge adjustment range to allow it to continuously switch between input devices and output devices.


customized wholesale Adjustable Monitor Arm design ideas


Solution——Use adjustable monitor arm

You can change your posture at will throughout the working day and adjust the display accordingly, so that the display is always maintained at the most suitable height, distance and angle to achieve the most ideal visual effect.


In the case of using a single display, a "start and stop" display is very suitable. The arm is equipped with an integrated dial adjuster. You can adjust it without any tools. One solution can adapt to monitors of different weights without your effort. Ease of use is very important to avoid musculoskeletal diseases, as 48%-80% of the workers who use computers have experienced such diseases. 17 The harder it is to adjust, the less people don’t want to spend time adjusting it.


There will be more and more workstation sharing. According to our experience, employees can adjust tools or furniture according to their own situation every day or even every moment to improve work efficiency. This is a good experience. The adjustment of the monitor arm is only one aspect of personalization.


From a practical point of view, it also includes simple execution, high cost performance and beneficial to employee health. Now regard us as your customized wholesale Adjustable Monitor Arm design ideas provider, supply factory, let us bring a better experience for your employees.