customized wholesale wall mount TV stand design ideas provider, supply factory

October 23,2021

Are you considering using TV wall mount or TV stand to get better TV effects? The increase in TV homes is all the rage, but as time goes by, wall mount TV stand design is gaining popularity because of its more attractive appearance and extra space. Everyone has own preference, check the advantages and disadvantages below to help you make a better choice.


customized wholesale wall mount TV stand design ideas provider


TV wall mount


Save space

Compared with brackets, the advantage of using TV wall mounts is that they can save the space below, especially for small apartments. They are a very good choice. The space below can be creatively designed and it is also convenient to clean.


Create the ideal viewing experience

Unlike a TV stand, a TV wall mount allows you to tailor where your television is actually in order that it is best for your viewing expertise and the orientation of the area and home furniture. You may decide on a specific elevation for your TV wall structure mount and also permit added tilting or installing for the greatest viewing experience.


Humanized design

If the TV position is too low, pets are easy to climb, children are attracted by the TV screen, bumping into or even falling off the TV, this is a sad thing. The wall-mounted type can solve this trouble and eliminate the scary scene.


Show what you like

Put a foldable rectangular cabinet with photos, flowers, sculptures...anything you want to show, hide the unnecessary things in invisible drawers, and at the same time achieve the effect of beautifying the room.



Extra time

Compared with the TV stand, the wall-mounted type needs to be correctly installed on the wall to ensure that the position can bear the weight of the TV and the stand. However, you don't need to worry, it won't be difficult to install.


TV stand


Get extra storage space

This method has been popular for some time in the past, and it is still adopted in homes that have not yet been decorated; it provides additional storage space for TV-related equipment, such as DVD players, set-top boxes, game consoles, and storage of singing equipment.


Easy access to cables and also sockets

Unlike a TV wall structure position where cords and wires are typically gone through the wall surface for a tidy look, a TV stand supplies simpler access to cables as well as electrical outlets.


Installation is easier, no additional installation is required.



Takes up more space

While television positions have even more storage space, they also occupy substantially additional area in the room, which can easily create the area feel smaller sized and a lot more confined, particularly if you possess much larger furniture pieces.


Much less customizable

While a television wall install provides you the potential to pick the elevation that operates greatest for you and the space, a lot of television positions are around the very same height and promotion a lot less personalization to optimize your viewing expertise.


Possible for TV to be knocked over

If you possess pet dogs or even little ones, placing your television on a TV platform can position it at higher danger for being actually knocked over. Furthermore, if your TV stand is actually not attached to the wall structure, it can easily show a prospective safety and security threat because of its threat of tipping over if gotten on or even took in to.


No matter which method you use to fix your TV (if your space supports two), Devpratech, a customized wholesale wall mount TV stand design ideas provider, supply factory, has a large number of wall mounts and TV brackets to choose from, and can provide you with personalized support to wall mount according to your preferences of TV stand design.