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VESA: 75x75/100x100mm

Fits: 17"-32"

Tilt: -50°/+35°

Swivel: 360°

Load Capacity: 2-9kg/4.4-19.8lbs


The DS90-2 is a modern, light-weight yet durable monitor mount which built with latest technology that capable to hold up to 9kg/19.8lbs of monitor panel. The sophisticated black color is easily blend into vast variety of working environment or interior furniture. It is available with multiple arm movement such as moves up, down, stretch forward and backward which comes at ease for the most ergonomic setup. Users able to access hassle free of 360° monitor rotation, -50°~ +35° tilt angle, 180° swivel and vertically height adjustments. All cables could be aligned along the compartment for tidy and safety reason.


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- Dual Monitor support with two arms stretch in Multi-adjustment, use and angle

- Gas Spring Technology

- 360° monitor rotation, ± 35° - 50° tilting

- Available with both 75mm and 100mm VESA brackets

- Quick Release VESA Brackets

- Monitor weighing up to 9 Kg and up to 34" Constructed of aluminum steel

Intelligent design with hidden cable management

- Clamp and Grommet Parts supplied together

- Gas-strut arm make counterbalance setup at ease

- Multiple movement for maximum ergonomic setup

- Compartment for cable management

- Both grommet and desk clamp mounting are available

- Support monitors' weight from 2-9kg


Each Arm

Type: Desk Mount

Material: Aluminum, Metal, Plastic

Recommended Screen Size: 17" – 32"

Loading Weight Capacity: 2 - 9kg

VESA Standard (mm): 75x75, 100x100

Tilt: -50°~+35°

Swivel: -90°~+90°

Rotate: 360°

Arm Extend: Max. 525 mm

Height: Max. 400 mm

Clamp Thickness: 10-95 mm

Height Adjustable: Yes

Cable Management: Yes

Weight: Approx. 5kgs

Package includes:

1 x Kaloc DS90-2 Dual Arm monitor desk mount, with screws & fittings








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customized design Double Arms Desk Monitor Mount ideas provider,metal muti-displat monitor supply wholesale factory



Q1: How can I get the quotation?

A1: We will submit the quotation in 24 hours if getting detailed information during working days.In order to quote for you earlier, please provide us the following information together with your inquiry.
      1) 3D Step of Files and 2D Drawings
      2) Material requirement
      3) Surface treatment
      4) Quantity (per order/per month/annual)
      5) Any special demands or requirements, such as packing, labels,delivery,etc.


Q2: How can I get the sample?

A2: If it's our stock products or have done it before but not in stock, we will check the delivery time with you, after your confirmation and payment, we send it ASAP.
If it's customized, we quote according to your drawings and specific requirements, after your confirmation and payment, we will produce and send samples immediately.


Q3: What is the payment method?

A3: We accept VISA, MasterCard, T/T. can be negotiated as needed.  


Q4: How to control product quality?

A4: According to your drawings, our professional QC team will control the quality during the mass production and inspect the goods before shipping.
If necessary, we can do full size inspection.


Q5: How long is your delivery time?

A5: Generally 15 days after order confirmation, the detail depends on the actual orders.
It depends on quantity, generally 20-30 days after order corfirmation.


Q6: How to ship the samples and production order ?

A6: We will normally ship samples via DHL, UPS or FedEX via our cooperated forwarder or freight collect. For the shipping of production order, it will be by sea or by air.


Q7: How about your afer-sale service?

A7: We ensure that the demands of you are met.


Q8:How about the MOQ?

A8:MOQ depends on your need, besides, we welcome trial order before mass-production.





Why choose the monitor mount?


There are many reasons for choosing the monitor mount. For example, we want to save the space of the desktop, make the work comfort more ergonomic, and make our office more efficient.


  • Desktop space


For conventional monitors, we will use the vertical support provided by the monitor. Generally, the height can be adjusted up and down, but such a support takes up the space of the desktop. Some of our friends may also improve the desktop utilization by increasing the height of the monitor device rack. However, this will make the monitor too high, resulting in poor use experience. If you use a mount, you can let the mount only borrow the edge of the desktop, and our monitor can vacate and select the appropriate position from multiple angles.


  • Efficient operation of multiple equipment


Due to the needs of work, some workers will not have only one monitor. For example, programmers basically have two monitors. If there are two or more monitors on the desktop, it is really unsafe and takes up too much space. Generally, we will use a mount to fix the two monitors and reasonably arrange them together. For example, some are placed left and right, and some are placed up and down.


  • Required for health workers


The traditional fixed monitor comes with it by default, which is not good from an ergonomic point of view. Although some high-end monitors can adjust the height, the inclination and left and right directions cannot be moved. This requires the use of professional monitor mounts to adjust our work comfort and take care of our cervical spine.


  • Improve appearance and be different


Since we are ready to choose the monitor mount, you must see someone using it. Is their desktop appearance, including work status, different from our routine? It is not clear whether their work is particularly important, but if there is a workbench with monitor mount, not only the space mentioned above can be saved, but also the appearance value can be greatly improved.




Considerations for selecting a monitor mount


In the above, we will consider the factors of appearance, space saving, health protection of cervical spine and work efficiency. What technical factors need to be considered for the monitor mount?


  • The scene determines the style of the monitormount


When we choose the monitor mount, we should choose the appropriate style according to our actual work area. For example, we choose whether the monitor mount is to be fixed on the wall or clamped on the table. This needs to be related to our actual site and scene area. For example, our table is very narrow, so we can choose the mount directly hanging on the wall, which can save the space of the desktop. If our table is wide, we can directly choose the mount standing on the edge of the table.


  • The purpose determines the size of the monitormount


What role do we play in selecting the monitor mount? Improve the space utilization of the desktop, or do we have multiple monitors that need to be fixed for easy work? For example, professional stock speculators have up to four screens on their desktop, which are fixed with mounts. There are also programmers, generally, there are more than two monitors, so the monitor mount specification we choose needs to be a mount that can fix two monitors. If we only have one monitor, it's easier to choose a vertical lifting or rotatable one.


  • Select the monitor corner direction according to the comfort experience


In fact, if our monitor is better, its own mount is also better. Generally speaking, the complimentary monitor mount can adjust the height up and down. If we need to rotate left and right and tilt at an angle, the general built-in support does not have these functions. We need to buy a monitor mount that can rotate at an angle separately.


  • Select the monitormount standard according to the bearing weight


When selecting the monitor mount, we should also look at the maximum weight supported by the mount, including the monitor size supported by the mount. Because some monitors are heavy. In addition, if we have supports for two or four monitors, the most important thing to care about is the weight bearing, otherwise there will be huge losses after problems collapse.


Of course, we also need to select the monitor mount according to the prepared budget. Some brand supports are still relatively expensive, but we can choose conventional brands for general household use. There is no need to pursue the so-called famous brand on the supports.


We are the professional customized design Double Arms Desk Monitor Mount ideas provider,metal muti-displat monitor supply wholesale factory,


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