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Desk Monitor Mount is a kind of fixed display, laptop or tablet and other products, can help people in the family or commercial offices operating a computer in the various technical problems encountered, ergonomic design, it can prevent the fatigue work bring health problems, improve work efficiency, with the ideal of life and the work space.  Display bracket, has been widely used in retail, entertainment, finance, medical, transportation and other fields;  Products cover single screen, double screen, large-format splicing screen and other categories.  


How to install Monitor desk mounts(Gas Spring Monitor Arm)?

Most monitors on the market have VESA holes. Choose the holes according to the size of your monitor and screw the screws into the holes.  

In fact, there are many types of display bracket, table clip, perforated, wall hanging, you can choose according to your own needs.  In terms of installation, the table clamp operation is relatively simple, because there is no need to punch holes or drill walls.  And in either case, the manufacturer will provide instructions or installation videos.  



VESA: 75x75/100x100mm

Fits: 17"-32"

Tilt: -50°/+35°

Swivel: 360°

Load Capacity: 2-9kg/4.4-19.8lbs


The DS90 is a modern, light-weight yet durable desk monitor arm which built with latest technology that capable to hold up to 9kg/19.8lbs of monitor panel. The sophisticated black color is easily blend into vast variety of working environment or interior furniture. It is available with multiple arm movement such as moves up, down, stretch forward and backward which comes at ease for the most ergonomic setup. Users able to access hassle free of 360° monitor rotation, -50°~ +35° tilt angle, 180° swivel and vertically height adjustments. All cables could be aligned along the compartment for tidy and safety reason.


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If you want to find a customized design Monitor desk mounts ideas provider,360°swivel movable monitor arm supply wholesale factory,you can chose us.


- Gas-strut arm make counterbalance setup at ease
- Multiple movement for maximum ergonomic setup
- Compartment for cable management
- Both grommet and desk clamp mounting are available
- Support monitors’ weight from 2-9kg


Type: Desk Mount
Material: Aluminum, Metal, Plastic
Recommended Screen Size: 17” – 32”
Loading Weight Capacity: 2-9 kg
VESA Standard (mm): 75x75, 100x100
Tilt: -50°~+35°
Swivel: -90°~+90°
Rotate: 360°
Arm Extend: Max. 542 mm
Height: Max. 420 mm
Clamp Thickness: 15-95 mm
Clamp Clearance: Min. 60 mm
Grommet/ Hole Mount Diameter: 10~50 mm
Height Adjustable: Yes
Cable Management: Yes
Product Dimension: 105x420x542 mm
Weight: Approx. 2.7kgs

Package includes:
1 x Kaloc DS90 monitor desk mount, with screws & fittings

Devpratech was founded in 2018. A collection of design,marking and supply chain management as one of the fessional exprort company, which is focus on the office, family, education and other professional audio-visual market to provide product design, solutions and services. Adhere to the “lean, efficient, innovative, win-win cooperation” as the enterprise concept, we are committed to bring customers more professional,more competitive services and products.

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Q1: How can I get the quotation?
A1: We will submit the quotation in 24 hours if getting detailed information during working days.In order to quote for you earlier, please provide us the following information together with your inquiry.
1) 3D Step of Files and 2D Drawings
2) Material requirement
3) Surface treatment
4) Quantity (per order/per month/annual)
5) Any special demands or requirements, such as packing, labels,delivery,etc.

Q2: How can I get the sample?
A2: If it's our stock products or have done it before but not in stock, we will check the delivery time with you, after your confirmation and payment, we send it ASAP.
If it's customized, we quote according to your drawings and specific requirements, after your confirmation and payment, we will produce and send samples immediately.

Q3: What is the payment method?
A3: We accept VISA,MasterCard,T/T.can be negotiated as needed.  
Q4: How to control product quality?
A4: According to your drawings, our professional QC team will control the quality during the mass production and inspect the goods before shipping.
If necessary, we can do full size inspection.

Q5: How long is your delivery time?
A5: Generally 15 days after order confirmation, the detail depends on the actual orders.
It depends on quantity, generally 20-30 days after order corfirmation.

Q6: How to ship the samples and production order ?
A6: We will normally ship samples via DHL, UPS or FedEX via our cooperated forwarder or freight collect. For the shipping of production order, it will be by sea or by air.

Q7: How about your afer-sale service?
A7: We ensure that the demands of you are met.

Q8:How about the MOQ?
A8:MOQ depends on your need ,besides,we welcome trial order before mass-production.


Devpratech making and supply customized design Monitor desk mounts ideas provider,360°swivel movable monitor arm supply wholesale factory.we are committed to bring customers more professional,more competitive services and products.

customized design Monitor desk mounts ideas provider,360°swivel movable monitor arm supply wholesale factory


If you search “monitor desk mount ”or "360°swivel movable monitor arm" on eBay, you will acquire tons of results. It is likewise a huge difficulty to choose a best workdesk monitor install for your workstation from countless items as well as this is why there are numerous prominent appraisal videos on You Tube. Some kind-hearted individuals additionally published do it yourself video clips to educate us make a display place by ourselves. As well as in this short article, we will list out the whole steps for reference.




We need prepare a few tools as well as a handful items as following.


  • An electrical drill with drill bit
    A pencil
    A 12-inch threaded galvanized steel pipe( you can choose the length as you want which will certainly figure out how high your screen sits).
    A 3-inch threaded galvanized steel pipe ( you can obtain any type of length, but only by linking the VESA brace ).
    An elbow joint.
    A flange joint.
    A couple of little C-clamps.
    Small wood screws (4 of them preferably, yet extras are excellent to have).
    A scrap piece of low-cost timber.
    A VESA display place plate (Any type of plate will work, however you'll likely have to consider your very own imaginative method to place it to the pipe).


Make sure that all of your pipes and fittings are the same size throughout which means if you get 3/4-inch pipe, you’ll need 3/4-inch fittings as well. You could decide the size of them.


Step 1: Shake the pipe flange onto the waste wood


The first thing we will certainly do is attach the pipe flanges to our scrap wood, which will certainly form the base of the monitor bracket. First, we need to note on a piece of wood that screws will be pierced to attach flanges. Place the flange on the wood as well as mark the position of the hole with a pencil.

You will wind up with four circles, and we need to pierce overview holes in these circles.

Pick up your electric drill and also drill bit and pierce 4 little holes in the significant location. You don't need to drill through the wood all the time, however if you're in a hurry, there's no factor not to, since you can't see the bottom anyway.

Next off, pick up the screwdriver or replace the drill bit that drives the drill little bit, and then make use of 4 tiny wood screws to screw the flange onto the wood. Make certain the screws are not long enough so that they will certainly puncture the opposite.


Step 2: Install the main support steel pipe and elbow joint


After you have the base ready, it is time to erect the main support pipeline which is placed vertically. Because the end is threaded, all you have to do is screw it into the flange and also tighten it as difficult as you can.

This pipe will also establish exactly how high or reduced your display rests relative to the desk surface. So the longer the pipeline is, the higher your screen will sit. I opted for a 12-inch length because that's an excellent wonderful area.


Step 3: Connect the VESA mounting plate to the pipe


We need to take a brief area of pipeline and link it to the VESA mounting plate. This requires you to put in a little creative thinking. I will certainly drill a hole in the pipeline to ensure that screws can be gone through to attach VESA bracket.

To do this, placed the pipe in the tongs to maintain it secure.

Next off, take a drill bit meant for drilling right into steel and also go to town, making certain to apply a great deal of stress however going gradually. If done right, you must wind up with some clean openings on either side of the pipe.

Screw the pipe right into the elbow joint on the display screen brace and also see to it is as limited as feasible, however also make certain the holes deal with backwards and forwards.

Next, grab the VESA brace and slide it throughout the pipeline while aligning the holes. From there, get the bolt as well as slide it over, securing the various other end with a nut.

The bracket is now full and also all set forever luck to be delivered to the local workdesk.


Step 4: Clamp the monitor mount to your desk


Find an area where you desire your monitor stand and also make sure it will certainly function where it is.

From there, take your two C-clamps and also clamp the screen install to your workdesk, utilizing the timber as the clamping factor. Ideally you'll want to deal with the clamps down, to make sure that the mass of the clamp isn't revealing and you have a cleaner appearance.


Step 5: Attach the monitor to the monitor mount


Take your VESA install plate and screw it onto the rear of the monitor. It's likewise a great concept to remove the stock depend on the screen, given that you will not require it.

Last but not least, meticulously connect the monitor to your DIY mount. For my monitor, the VESA place plate hooks onto the area that I bolted onto the pipe.


How to adjust the computer screen?


The monitor should be evaluated a certain height so that your neck is straight. The display needs to be put to make sure that the top of the screen is flush with the operator's view. The seeing range in between the operator's eyes and the screen need to be within 20-30 inches. The size of the display screen normally establishes the viewing distance. Key-board and also display screen connection: The very best distance in all applications is 21 inches.

Until now some individuals might whine that it is additionally a huge challenge compared with selecting a workdesk monitor place from on-line shops. Well, if you don't intend to trouble on your own, you can invest a couple of money but save a lot of time to get one on the net. And also Devpratech is a professional manufacturer, giving all type of devices for work environment such as sturdy desk monitor mount. If you have any requirement please contact us easily.




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